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Full Version: Tp train spots...
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I won't remake this again... Too much re-assigning... maybe when the monsters positions are set I'll get this up again.
Awesome Arl. I'll contribute to this when I find something. 

Great idea.
Lol, thanks.

Just found a nice place for defense tp.
I was planning on doing this but you also have to think about the newer players and lower level places like autumn path for defense or atk.
Sas, I will write down like 2-3 maps for each stat... first il search in the higher areas, then for new players in area 4 orso...

Added something for sp.atk.
Arl when you get done add this to the wiki and you might get rewards from Cefurkan. 

It's worth a shot anyways.
I stopped reading after the word rewards XD

Nah, I see later, first I finish this.
But You don't have get TP on those place. You can easy exp monsters, and just erase unwanted points by -10 Degrade

If making 400 points train max 200 points on exp and rest add on pots, cause +10 Nutrition potions can add only 200 points to one stat.

Its way faster.
tp training for a hp a good on is in resort isle. perfect net waterofe. give 3 HP 49.98 encounter rate
Il look that up

Btw, dumbell isle has waterofe 59,8% encounter rate
Also it has a zenith and a legendary with perfect net and the zenith gives +3 hp too...
Little note, i see alot of people vote for ''yes'' for adding to the wiki. 

But, I have to say that my way of explaining and writing this thread is kinda noobish... So If it may ever get added to wiki I would like someone to make it look more proffesional... lol...

When 12+ votes ill close poll...

Also, because this is not that neccesary information you need to know for playing the game good, I don't think it is needed to add this to wiki...
But if some other people think so im of course fine with that xD
 - Desert Oasis, perfect net, 50% chance of +3 Def (zone 7)
Thanks, i'll look.

49,88% of dragortoise...
I don't realy like that percentage... I'll search for something better first... still thank you.

Added something for attack.
I agree, low percentage, but best I could find other than the Zone 19 one ...
I'd be careful if you do decide to add this into the wiki.  Every time a new Monster is added, the wild Monsters of an area get re-shuffled.  Suddenly, your guide is irrelevant.

Just a thought.  x'D
Wall TP Training: Bass Swamp, Quality Net.
100% chance of giving you HP, Defense or Sp. Defense.
I won't ask cef for wiki lol... Thanks for the reminding henrie xD

I'll just update this guide in that case...
(02-28-2013 07:08 PM)Arlaxeon Wrote: [ -> ]I won't ask cef for wiki lol... Thanks for the reminding henrie xD

I'll just update this guide in that case...
I'm really sorry!  x'D  This is an amazing idea!  Unfortunately, Maps are going to be 'shuffled' pretty regularly.

Perhaps in V3, Monster locations will be 'static' and all Monsters will be available at the same time.  If that happens, this will make a great guide!
It took 5 days and it could be faster  to make the guide as it is now..
I don't care doing it again when locations get shuffled Smile
Hehe, alright.  Just thought I'd warn you about that.   You're awesome for putting this guide together for the other players.  c:
Bump ....

Maps shuffled.... I'll try and make this again....
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