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Full Version: Rate Simoly
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Well guys, i found a hallucination simoly, and i would like some feedback as to whether you think it's a good mon or not.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how does she look?
Please give a number and why you give it that. Big Grin
moveset is ruined, bad uv's. blah 3.5/10
Simoly looks so awsome now that its redrawn!!! But if am gonna rate your i'v got to say 6.5... maybe 7.... If you get a full uv its spattack wont be so bad either Wink And i dont agree with cope.... the moveset is fine, not perfect but fine^^
thanks, gonsalez Smile

i had an impulse one with 49 spcatk, and 42spd, but it was just that. an impulse. >.<
is anyone doing uv or nature changes?
please pm me in-game.
of course 10/10 good old freind i remember you having a epic looking vyrdall correct?
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