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Full Version: All Abilities and Detailed Information
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MonsterMMORPG all abilities and detailed information :

All Abilities and Detailed Information
Nice job heat.maybe some grammatical stuff,but i'll check up on that and maybe i can get guider to look through it Big Grin
my english good but i need you for very good speaking english Smile
alright.Ill sort through it for ya heat Smile
Like I said in the beta coming soon thread, this needs to be trimmed down, 18-20 natures was suggested, I say maybe, but have only one neutral non stat affecting nature like we do now, Solid.
this isn't natures its abilities ;_;
LOL mha bad, still too many, also each monster has like 3 abilities, it should be trimmed down a bit, also atleast a few monster should have only 1 or 2. Oh well, it adds a different wist to have many, my opinion though.
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