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The BlackList
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The BlackList
[Image: xngh9k.jpg]

What we have here is a list of monsters I am wanting to buy/trade for, some for Pvp purpeses some for guild events/tourneys, if you have any and are willing to sell/trade plz send a pm to my Prometheus or Guild account..or you could just say something to me in chat:-) (if im on)

When it comes to lvls/natures I don't really care as long as it at least has good-decent uvs and halfway decent abilities for zenith class up

Speaking of abilities ...under each monster I will list some ability's I want for that particular monster, however those are just my preferences unless indicated otherwise with a underline.

On a side note
I will Accept Emmy's w/o any good abilities if they got a good nature(one listed)

Not what you thought it was gonna be about huh? Lmao

[Image: 25qrvyx.jpg]

Nature's: Butcher,reaper,trembling.
Abilities: Atk master, Accuracy Master, Evasion master, Speed master, Slow tough,max guard,slow strong.

Abilites:Spatk master,evasion master,Max guard,perfect body,slow tough,Expert regen,Slow Strong.

nature's: Tank,sage,calm
Abilities:Slow tough.slow strong,evasion master,max guard,Accuracy Master,

Abilities: Speed master,accuracy master, spatk master,evasion master,slow tough,perfect body,max guard

Abilities:Spatk master,accuracy Master,speed master,slow tough,perfect body,evasion master,Expert Regen

Abilities:atk master,Speed master,Accurcy master,Evasion master,Perfect body,max guard,Expert Regan

Nature's:Hallucination, tank,sage
Abilities:Spatk master,speed master,accuracy master, slow tough,perfect body, evasion master

Nature's: Trembling,butcher,reaper.
Abilities: Atk master,accuracy master,Speed master,Evasion master,Slow tough.

Abilities:Slow strong,slow tough,spatk master,accuracy master,max guard,Expert Regen

Nature's: Reaper,Butcher,Profound
Abilites:Slow tough,slow strong,accuracy master,perfect body, max guard,

Abilities:Speed master,accuracy master, spatk master,slow tough,slow strong,max guard,perfect body

Nature's: Butcher,reaper,trembling
Abilities: atk master,evasion master,slow tough,Max guard,expert regen,slow strong,

Nature's: reaper,profound,Blockhead
Abilities:perfect body, slow tough,expert regen,radiation,attack master,Cautious, slow strong

Nature's: profound, blockhead, discreet, 
Abilities:radiation,cautious, slow tough,exper regen,

Natures:Reaper,profound,blockhead,discreet,debonair, Endurable.
Abilities:Perfect body,Slow tough,expert Regan,max guard,radiation,cautious.

Nature's: Profound,endurabable,reaper
Abilites:perfect body,Cautious, Expert Regen,radiation,Slow tough,

Nature's: Tank,sage,calm,quantum,hallucination
Abilites:Spatk master,slow tough,expert Regen,accuracy master,speed master,evasion master,

Abilities: Cautious,radiation,Expert Regen,slow tough,perfect body,

Nature's: Tank,Sage,Calm,Quantum
Abilities:Slow Strong,Slow tough,Spatk master,perfect body,evasion master


Doh!!!  I ment to post this in my war account -.- lol

I'll add more as I come up with some
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11-12-2013 08:50 AM
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RE: The BlackList
no max guard for monster lower than ancient
[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=447]
11-13-2013 03:10 AM
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RE: The BlackList
You're welcome
[Image: 11jozyq.jpg]
11-13-2013 04:51 AM
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