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MariaFictionkin's MonsterMMORPG Fanart

Hello! I've decided to show off some fanart I have been making for a while now of Garbagekeeper’s monster, Radiaution. It is no surprise that Radiaution is my all-time favorite monster in the entire game.

With these images and just my art in general, I don’t really have a specific style I stick to. But I would like to get more into making things reminiscent of Ken Sugimori’s since I’d like to get into making my own monsters/fakemon someday. But with college and work currently I kind of been lacking in making my own personal art for a while.

But anyways, here are some fanart I made! ^_^:

Jack The Radiaution

[Image: 1500394822.mariathefictionkin_jack_11.png]

[Image: 1500394999.mariathefictionkin_jack_12.png]

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