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Looking for certain monsters!
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Looking for certain monsters!
Here is a list of monsters i am looking for with certain natures message me in game if you have one, Thanks.


Plagubonic: Profound, Endurable or Debonair
Kaokung: Butcher or Reaper
Lunarkion: Profound, Tank or Debonair
Yetee: Profound, Debonair, Butcher or Reaper
Brachpour: Butcher, Reaper or Profound
Cerebrain: Hallucination, Tank or Mirage
Bunda: Profound or Debonair
Auramus: Profound


Mantice: Butcher, Mirage, Reaper or Trembling
Miroushon: Calm, Sage or Tank
Alaclipse: Reaper, Butcher or Trembling
Icebragled: Hallucination
Dragonoon: Tank or Hallucination
Kuriagon: Butcher, Reaper or Trembling
Veptis: Tank, Calm, Sage or Hallucination


Arctle: Tank, Calm or Sage
Hyreigna: Butcher, Reaper or Trembling
Augurix: Tank
Anglare: Tank, Calm or Hallucination
Jaghoul: Butcher
Korrodo: Butcher, Reaper or Trembling
Vydral: Tank
Grasilisk: Tank, Calm or Hallucination
Ugoyle: Butcher or Reaper
Aurorile: Tank or Hallucination
Decissle: Tank or Calm
Stromeleon: Tank or Hallucination
Albinus: Profound or Debonair
Quillision: Profound or Debonair
Xwartya: Trembling, Butcher or Reaper
Golemet: Butcher, Reaper or Profound
Terrabbit: Butcher, Reaper or Trembling

IGN: Jynqxed
12-03-2013 12:39 AM
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