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Hunting Hill
This is what I call Hunting Hill^^
Objective:Hunt for a Hill and take one^^There are 10 hills and u can declare King to anyone u wish.Declare War against other Hill teams Via MonsterMMORPG PVP Big GrinRecruit teammates on your hill Via this chat by a request TongueHill Chart will update when ppl take a hill TongueWhichever team wins a war benefits the Hill King to the opposing King's Hill^^Teammates aswell^^Loser has to re-claim a hill before full or will be a mere teammate.
King of Hill 1:Monster King(Me)
King of Hill 2:
King of Hill 3:
King of Hill 4:
King of Hill 5:
King of Hill 6:
King Of Hill 7:
King of Hill 8:
King of Hill 9:
King of Hill 9:
King of Hill 10:
If requested,the other player must say yes to be a teammate.U can have 5 teammates total.Multiple ppl can answer 1 request.
Declare War anytime that the opposing team is Online^^ Big Grin Teammates can earn pts based on how many teammates left in the winner's team from PVP's^^Teammates may have authority Via their team if they earn enough pts^^Here are authorities:
Team CM(10 spots):50-500 pts.
Team SCM(8 spots):501-2000 pts.
Team CA(5 spots):2001+ pts.
Team MR(3 spots)
If any teammates of Hill Kings get enough pts for an authority,they get a PM Via Forum.
Teammate Request must say:
"(The Hill King's UserName)requesting Teammates!!!"At the beginning is your Forum Username,OC Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Teammates can leave at any time^^Hill Kings have permission to name their Hill/Team(Ex.:Adminera) Big Grin
To name,comment below what your name is and when I can,I will check and verify it^^
JSYK,my hill is named The Doom^^
Here are Rules:
1)Be respectful in your chat
2)No duplicates of Monsters in team.
3)Report Rule Violations to Monster King(Me)Via PM and be rewarded^^
4)The name must be appropriate(Nothing to Harass,Swear,and all other rules of chat)and if the name is not changed(If breaking Rule#4)in 1 day,your Hill is taken away and gave to others.
Those are Rules^^Your team gets a chat specially for your Hill Team^^The Reward stated in Rule#3 is an automatic title Big Grin
Btw,Teammate Limit is actually 26^^

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