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Errors and bugs possibility ?
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Errors and bugs possibility ?
Some things I found odd while roaming through the game.

1. During P Vs P In the beginning of the battle if you spam your attack say pressing it around 10 times you will lose a mp without even atacking -.-

2. During a P Vs P In the middle of a battle , after fainting my opponent's monster , opponent couldn't switch out their monster therefore making the screen stuck.

3. Natures in the trading market.

if you go to the market on the trade market and you click nature you will notice pokemon's natures not our monster's natures.

4. Minor Potion - It dosen't load the image of it in the market Unless it's like that ? o.o

5. Move's such as Confuse beam and Phychial Strike basically do no damage but when I used it did cost damage ? o.o

6. Grammar Errors.

When you click the question mark next to the multi step a message pop's up.

"if you want to move the map with multiple steps at once please enter the step count to the textbox above.

After entered multistep count to the textbox please use moving buttons at left.

Entering , not entered

If you do not want to use ** multi-step feature you can use keyboard arrow keys and w, a , s , d

[/b]** = Insert The ? o.o

7. When clicking the net the message pops up. Grammar Error

For be able to use Perfect Net item, you have to have at least 1 item in your bag!

For be able to use Quality Net item, you have to have at least 1 item in your bag!

For be able to use Regular Net item, you have to have at least 1 item in your bag!

**To be not for be.

8. Phychial Strike. Grammar error ?

Physical not Psychial ? o.o
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05-14-2011 08:31 PM
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